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Open Embedded Software Foundation Global (OESF Global) is the global coordinating unit of NPO OESF branch offices worldwide that promote open embedded software.

The Ohio Education Association launches iPhone and Android applications for ...PR Web (press release)The Ohio Education Association (OEA) today announced the release of its iPhone and Android applications. The applications were developed to engage OEA members, the public and policy makers on the most popular mobile app platforms in today's [...]
火, 9月 23, 2014
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NDTVAndroid flagship phones given bend test, Moto X comes out on top9 to 5 GoogleEarlier this week it was revealed that if you bend your iPhone 6 Plus, it will bend. This shocking news took the world by storm, but left some people wondering if other phones would also flex [...]
水, 9月 24, 2014
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XPrize starts competition for Android learning appsTelecompaper (subscription)The XPrize non-profit organization announced plans to grant USD 15 million to Android developers who can devise successful applications for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic to children in developing countries. The competition was presented by ... [...]
金, 9月 26, 2014
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Android CommunityGoogle Drive for Education offers unlimited Drive storage for studentsandroidandme.comStudents that use Google Apps for Education are in for a treat. Google is now rolling out a new set of features for Google Apps for Education that includes a new unlimited storage plan for Google Drive. Yes, the only [...]
水, 10月 01, 2014
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Android CommunityRico smart-home security device uses old smartphone for brainsAndroid CommunityThe device will work with iPhone or Android smartphones. Rico does have some ... The smartsockets are available with the bot to allow users to control appliances and anything else plugged into the smart-sockets from the app on your smartphone. [...]
木, 10月 02, 2014
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