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Open Embedded Software Foundation Global (OESF Global) is the global coordinating unit of NPO OESF branch offices worldwide that promote open embedded software.

Android loses some US market share but remains top dogCNETCollectively, Android and iOS run the bulk of smartphones, with a 93.9 percent share of that market, but Android has held the crown for the past few years. Such Android vendors as Samsung, LG and Motorola introduce on a regular basis [...]
金, 9月 05, 2014
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eWeekThe Android One could gut the market for high-end Android phonesCITEworldCompared to the glitz and fanfare surrounding Apple's announcement Tuesday of the iPhone 6 and the long-awaited Apple Watch, next week's expected debut in India of Google's Android One smartphones should be a more modest affair. It certainly will be [...]
水, 9月 10, 2014
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UbergizmoKitKat rides to huge Android market shareMobile BurnKitKat's hold on the Android market is starting to tighten, and it is even starting to impress me, someone who has long criticized how fragmented the Android world is. Google has released the latest batch of Android distribution numbers and Android 4.4 ...KitKat [...]
木, 9月 11, 2014
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Android Headlines - Android NewsReview: Archos Smart Home Automation and SecurityAndroid Headlines - Android NewsArchos Smart Home is a kit consisting of a fully-functioning Android tablet, along with a number of different accessories including two mini cameras, two movement tags and a two weather tags. Archos calls their little devices [...]
土, 9月 13, 2014
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New York Times (blog)Google Introduces Android One Phone for Emerging MarketsNew York Times (blog)Android One will intensify the price race in the already competitive Indian market, where more than 80 device makers are battling for market share and even $100 phones can be considered expensive, said Hemant Joshi, a partner [...]
月, 9月 15, 2014
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